Learn forex trading before you enter the ring

There are three ways to learn forex trading. The first is by joining an online or offline forex school or college; the second is as an apprentice to a forex trader or broker; and the third is on your own. The third is the most risky because a beginner may end up losing large sums of money as he learns how to trade on the highly volatile forex markets.

The first two methods are relatively safer. The beginner learns the trading process under the guidance of experienced instructors. Here too, a beginner can learn more by working as an apprentice because he sees and absorbs critical decisions being made in real time. The offline or online forex trading schools impart knowledge that can make a student ready to trade but the real world of trading is very different from the sanitized world of classroom teaching.

There are three key areas that a beginner needs to learn. The first is the process. The forex market is the largest market in the world which works round the clock. All trading is conducted in real time across time zones and national boundaries. The trader has the option to deal in his national currency or currencies of other countries. There are no barriers, no entry points. The trader must understand the working of the forex market fully before starting trading.

The second is mapping, also known as charting. The trader must learn how to use the charting software to map market movements. Such an analysis equips the trader with the knowledge to take decisions based on market behavior. The trader can then compute entry and exit points that are compatible with market realities.

The third is trading psychology. The trader should learn to take losses in his stride. He should not stop trading if he has suffered a string of losses over a short period of time. The same applies to profitable trades. The trader should not be carried away but must exercise discipline as he continues trading.

Ultimately, it is the market which is the best teacher. A trader must continue to learn as he continues to trade.

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