The forex broker is a valuable advisor

A forex broker is one who assists individuals, traders and firms to trade in the forex market. The assistance can be in the form of providing market information or in conducting the actual trade. In either case, the broker charges a fee according to the services rendered.

The brokers advise clients on forex trading strategies. They also provide real time quotes, and news feeds to forex traders. There are some brokers that provide advice on the basis of their experience, and understanding of the market. There are others who use modern software tools to chart market movements, and arrive at entry and exit points.

The arrival of the Internet and the automation of the forex market have led to the emergence of several brokerage firms. These brokers can provide individuals access to the market, something which was not possible in the past. At that time only banks and large financial institutions were allowed to trade in forex.

However, this has also led to a mushrooming of foreign exchange brokers, making it difficult for beginners, and even experienced traders, to locate competent brokers. Referrals and recommendations are therefore very valuable in this market. It is always advisable to decide your broker on the basis of a recommendation made by your friend or colleague.

However, it may not always be possible to do so. In that case, it is important to investigate the background of the broker. This can be done by finding out the number of trades being conducted by the broker, and the number of clients the broker services. Another important parameter is the broker’s experience. The best brokers are those who have learnt trading the hard way over a number of years. They can feel the market pulse, and provide the right guidance.

The individual must also look at the number of services that a broker provides. This include opening of mini accounts, providing market intelligence, market analysis, news feeds and real time quotes.

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